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Thinking big.

This is the St. Mark’s experience. We provide a holistic approach to education, blending a traditional curriculum with experiential learning, physical wellness, and spiritual growth. Our welcoming and inclusive community encourages every student to delve into new experiences, explore personal passions, and discover a uniquely meaningful experience.

From day one, we begin preparing students for life after St. Mark’s. Our Global Citizenship and Counseling programs are exceptional tools for both academic and personal growth. Both day and boarding students experience a life-shaping journey in a small, nurturing, and safe environment.

A deeper understanding of the world allows us to make a greater impact on the future.

Every student at St. Mark’s is asked to observe, explore, and better understand the world around them. Through this recognition and discovery, students experience personal awareness and growth that lay a path to deeper thinking and global responsibility.

We inspire students to challenge what they believe, question what they know, and collaborate with different points of view.

Every experience at St. Mark’s is an opportunity to learn and grow. We balance our challenging curriculum with creative, exploratory programs that provide a fuller, richer education—satisfying individual curiosity and
promoting a lifetime of independent thinking.

John Camp
“St. Mark’s doesn’t rest on its traditions; we push forward with different ways to provide a holistic education that includes academics, community, and athletics. Students have amazing opportunities that go beyond daily life with programs that encourage them to explore their unique interests and hone in on their individuality.”
— John Camp, English faculty and director of Experiential Learning
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We support students to be their best selves through teamwork, commitment, and perseverance.

Athletics is an integral component of a St. Mark’s education; we value the physical and mental wellbeing it affords our students. The ability to work as a team, persevere through challenges, and commit to long-term goals
is essential to student success — both on and off the field.

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For those who are looking to do more, there is always more to do.

Above all else, St. Mark’s is a community—a home away from home—where students can safely explore new interests, make lasting friendships, and reflect on who they are becoming. Every aspect of student life, from clubs to chapel to residence life, provides St. Markers with the support needed to develop independence and learn healthy living skills.

Day in the Life

Putting an exceptional education within reach for as many students as possible.

While our tuition is reflective of the value of our education, St. Mark’s is aware that some families may need financial assistance. Using the School and Student Service (SSS) for financial aid, our Financial Aid Office determines award size based on demonstrated need. We are committed to helping a broad spectrum of families, so individual needs are reviewed every year to accommodate new circumstances. Financial aid consists entirely of grants that need not be repaid.

St. Mark’s does not offer academic or athletic scholarships.

For more information on applying for financial aid or to learn about financing options, contact Laurie Kalapinski at
lauriekalapinski@stmarksschool.org or (508) 786-6116.

Students graduate to collegiate success, but St. Mark’s never truly leaves them.

From a student’s first day on campus, preparation begins for life after St. Mark’s. Our college counselors become immediately acquainted with students to help guide them towards their next steps. It is a process that builds confidence, provides autonomy, and results in some very happy and successful alumni.

School farthest from St. Mark’s attended by member of Class of 2019:Stanford University (3,117 miles from Southborough)
47 percent of students from the Class of 2019 attend college in New England.
Number of different states where Class of 2019 students are attending college.
Average number of schools students choose each year.

Personal. Holistic. Global.
Learn more about a St. Mark’s education.

Inquiring to St. Mark’s is the first step in your student’s educational journey. After you complete the form below, we will send you additional information on the many unique living and learning opportunities we offer.

We encourage you or your student to reach out to the Admission team directly a day or two after submitting this form. This informal conversation will give us a chance to say hello and discuss the best way to tailor the admission process to meet your student’s unique needs.

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It won’t be long before you understand exactly why our students love St. Mark’s.

Under typical circumstances, St. Mark’s offers a number of ways to visit campus—both remotely and in-person. Information sessions, open houses, and special events like “Explore St. Mark’s Day” all offer prospective students and families the opportunity to learn more about our holistic education and to meet some of our remarkable students and staff.

However, due to safety precautions related to COVID-19, we are currently offering remote visit opportunities only. View our current admission events, or connect with a member of our admission team to discuss which opportunities are best for you.